About Me

With 10 years’ experience as part of the Wassenaar Arrangement Experts Group drafting the control text wording, 12 years in MoD as a case assessor and three years as an independent consultant, I bring my 34-year Civil Service knowledge to its full use in advising you on best practice.

In my last role with the Ministry of Defence, where I was in post for 12 years,  I was responsible for providing Technical Security advice on Export Licence Applications and Release of Military Information Applications (F680s) and provision of Private Venture Technical Security Grading as follows:

  • I provided Security Grading advice (provision of protective marking levels) to companies for Private Venture defence-related items;
  • I advised companies on technical security matters as part of BIS (formerly BERR and DTI) Compliance Visits and at awareness visits;
  • I gave briefings and lectures on MoD requirements for Export Licensing and release of military information;
  • I represented the UK on the Wassenaar Arrangement for Export Control on Military List Goods – this involved attending overseas meetings three times a year with 39 other nations, deciding on changes to Export Control Legislation;
  • I advised UK Border Agency and HMRC on export controlled items at point of export and assisting in prosecutions.

On short-term attachment to the DTI (now DIT) Export Control Organisation, I was responsible for the “Rating” of export licences against current legislation. I was also responsible for the drafting of Open Individual Licences and sitting as a representative of the Technologies Unit on inter-departmental working groups on Open Individual Licences.

On retirement I was elected as an Executive Committee member of EGADD (Export Group for Aerospace, Defence and Dual Use) serving 2 three year terms.

I am an editor for the Content Enablers training courses for UK export control material and am a responder to questions to The Exporter Magazine. I am a member of the Institute of Export and International Trade (Export Control Profession), and an Incorporated Engineer with the Engineering Council.