Export Control

UK Export Control Organisation (Export Control Joint Unit)

ECJU in Department of International Trade are the Government authority for all export licencing. We work closely with them and the SPIRE export licencing system (soon to become LITE)

Sanctions and Embargoes

We can help you understand the sanctions and arms embargoes that may be applicable to countries you want to export to. These may lead to licences being required for END (WMD) and M-END (Military End Use).

Open General Export Licence

These licences are available in the public domain but can be tricky to understand and use. We can help you register for and use the correct one for your purpose including obtaining the correct End User or Consignee undertaking from you customer.

Open Individual Export Licence (OIEL)

These licences are bespoke to you. We can help you derive the wording to give you best chance of approval and widest possible use, also helping you ensure you have the correct consignee undertaking and the correct paperwork at point of export.

Standard individual export licence (SIEL)

We can help you write applications for these basic licences and check the end user undertaking from the customer before submission, as well as dealing with any request for Further Information (RFI) during processing.

USA Export Administration Regulations/International Traffic in Arms Regulations

We are able to assist either directly or working with associate consultants help on US controls in particular the new requirement to advise US customers of the US classification or products you may be selling them. We can help your understanding where your products may be impacted by US Export Controls and help you classify your products against US ITAR & EAR regulations. If needed we can help you obtain US re-export/retransfer licences or exemptions/exceptions.