Export Technical Security

Security Classification of Products and Technology

Any Military product and associated technology must be graded to assess its Security classification. This is done through MoD.

Provision of correct Protective Marking for Products and Technology (Known as Grading)

With our expertise we can help you obtain the grading if the product is a Private Venture or help to asses MoD documentation relating to MoD programs.

Private Venture Security Grading / Government programs – Security Aspects Letters/ Grading Guides

As ex MoD Defence Security staff member, we are in the position to be able to help you understand any documentation in these aspects and interpret the classifications and understand what this means for you as a company.

Advice on downgrading of paperwork/equipment

Some older projects can be downgraded when obsolescence takes over. You may be left with documentation showing high level classifications, We can help you get these officially downgraded so they are easier to handle or even dispose of.