Export Control Consultancy

Exporting Strategic Goods, Software and Technology can appear complex with pitfalls at many points of the process.

Our objectives are to keep you legal by establishing sensible and simple procedures, not only avoiding potential prison sentences, fines and penalties, but also minimising costs, and keeping your customers happy.


We can provide you with guidance, Company procedure documents and templates to enable you to meet UK Compliance requirements. (We are a DIT Compliant company ourselves)

We can also provide you with advice on how to manage your SPIRE account.



We can undertake pre-compliance checks to ensure that your documentation is in order in preparation for DIT Audits of Open Licences or Intangible Transfer licences.


We can provide you with training in export control, including bespoke training for your technical staff in technical classification, assessment of whether a technical security grading is required and whether a MoD Form 68o is required. For administrative staff involved in export control, we can train them to enable them to decide which licence is required, how to apply and how to manage licences and maintain the required records.

Working with other specialist consultants DJAW Ltd can provide a full range of Export Control help to your business


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